Lenpur fibers are self-mercerizing ( untreated Lenpur with reactive dye ). In all alkaline environments, the fibers swell significantly, increasing shine and softness. This unique self-mercerizing property provides materials with superior dye affinity and excellent luster. Thanks to this property, fabrics made from Lenpur yarns gain extra softness from what is already a soft surface. The cold and warm wash resistance of this fiber is better than that of common artificial cellulose fibres. Its excellent dye affinity reduces streaking to a minimum. Lenpur has excellent dyeability with all cellulosic dyes. Lenpur can be dyed by itself or in blends with other fibres, as a fibre, yarn or fabric, using any any conventional dyeing machine. Compared to artificial fibres dyed under the same conditions, Lenpur has a 10 to 20% higher colour yield when dyed with direct and reactive dyes. self_mercerising